Friday, December 16, 2011

The Perhentian Islands

This summer we decided to take a trip to the Perhentian Islands for a few days to do some snorkeling, sunbathing, and general laziness. The travel agent sent a chartered van to drive us across the country which takes about 5 hours. Well, it should take 5 hours. But with the way these hired drivers do it, it's more like 3 hours. I prayed the whole way that we would just make it there alive and Alex (my poor car sick child) puked all the way there.

When arrived, we then loaded our luggage onto a banana boat for the 30 minute boat ride out to the island.

 The dock as we arrived...

 The water was crazy blue.

We did lots of snorkeling and it was so amazing!

John helping Alex build a sand castle.

The view from the deck.

Hanging out and reading

This is one place we will definitely visit again. Beautiful clean water and snorkeling!!!

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