Friday, December 16, 2011

A Bangladeshi Baby Shower

There is a Bangladeshi man who does a lot of painting at our school so John has gotten to know him a bit (well, as much as he can since the man speaks very little English). This man and his wife just had their first child, a boy. It is a Muslim tradition in their culture to have a party 45 days after the baby is born and he invited our family. We were the ONLY Americans there. It was quite an honor.

When we walked in about 40 men were gathered in a circle chanting and praying. This went on for a long time while we basically watched. Then came the FOOD! They treated us like honored guests. It was a great experience.
The proud papa and his baby boy

Some of the women served us (and Alex served himself!)

According to their tradition, the men ate first...

And then the women ate

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