Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Why Don't You Blog Anymore?"

It has been quite a while since I posted a blog entry and several people have asked why I stopped. Well, there is no "big" reason. I started this blog to chronical our journey from the U.S. to our new life in Malaysia. That was several years ago.

When we first arrived everything was new, and different, and weird, and scary, and fun, and....

but it is our 4th year here and now it is just, well, life. It is still fun and weird sometimes but it is also home now so most things that happen on a daily basis don't seem blog-worthy.

I am keeping the blog online because it is nice for new people coming here to read and see what they are getting themselves into. :)  Besides, most people that follow my blog are also my friend on Facebook (and I still post loads of pics and updates there). So you don't really want to read about the same things twice!

If you are not my FB friend and would like to keep up to date on our crazy life here, feel free to send me a frienship invite.