Friday, December 16, 2011

An Autmun Trip to Ipoh

We get a long weekend about once a month due to all the different Malaysian, Hindu, Chinese, and Muslim holidays. I am getting better at keeping track of which holiday is which but really, I am just glad for the time off! We decided to take the kids back to the water park in Ipoh. The boys went before a few years ago but Natalie has never been so off we went.

Pool water tastes YUCKY

Natalie's first ride down a water slide with her big brother.

Kyle gives Alex a lift so he can feed the friendly Raccoon.

The Bird Sanctuary is one of our favorite places.
The birds land on you and eat right out of your hand.

Alex trying to coax an albino peacock to take some food.
The bird isn't scared. It's just full. :)

We finally got Alex to let a bird sit on his arm and take food. This is an African Gray Parrot. It can talk in more than one language.

Little Miss Independent who refuses to hold anyone's hand when she walks. She folds her arms up like this and walks. It is so funny!

Watching the tigers fight and be fed was another highlight!

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