Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yummy Yummy

We like to eat out here a lot. :) It's hard not to with all the good restaurants around!

Checking out the menu at our favorite Lebanese restaurant...

My handsome boy

My other handsome boy out in front of the restaurant (and check out that double rainbow in the background!).

 This is us at the "steamboat" restaurant where the grill and steamer for your food is built right into your table. You just pick what you want and cook it at your table. Not sure how this is different from cooking at home???

This is Prema and her two beautiful daughters. Prema is Natalie's nanny and she is like family to us.

 John and Natalie ordering food from a place called Mustafas. They have the BEST tandoori chicken on the whole island!

This is called "Nasi Kandar" which is basically a buffet set up at Indian restaurants every day. The food is de-lish!

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