Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

The first christmas we were here it seemed odd to not have any snow. It was even more odd to go swimming on christmas day! This year, it seemed, well, perfect. Penang with all its different cultures has really gotten into the christmas spirit. The whole island was decked out, christmas music played, and everyone was festive. Our tree looked beautiful (I am so glad we brought it with us) and the lack of snow didn't even cross our minds. It's funny how quickly you can adjust to something.

Do you like our tree? LOL  Obviously, this is in front of the mall.

They had lovely music playing at the mall.

Look at my awesome students singing at the christmas concert!

And caroling around the campus... 

And Alex in the church's christmas play but NOT happy about it!

Our second annual christmas gingerbread house making day...

With the Brewsters...


And the Chinn family.

This is our tree.

Two very happy boys on christmas morning

Natalie's first christmas!

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