Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Snake Temple

You can't live in Penang and not visit the Snake Temple. It is what it says it is... a temple for snakes. They roam freely throughout the temple as you walk around. The story is that the incense keeps them docile so they don't bite which I think is a bunch of malarkey (unless that incense is of the cannibis family!). But they don't bite... I think.

There is also this little show they put on for you where this guy who obviously needs an MRI purposely provokes the cobras so they will spread their hoods and bare their fangs all for the entertainment of tourists. Seriously? I found myself wondering if he actually applied for this job or if it is some sort of work-release program?

Either way, it was both fascinating and terrifying to be inches away from poisonous snakes.

The entrance to the Temple

The incense they burn

Yep, that's a poisonous snake...

And this us standing ridiculously close to it

Uh, ya think?

Crazy Malaysian snake dude

Yes that is Alex touching a poisonous snake. I am expecting a call from Child Protective Services any  minute now.

Thanks for the warning.

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