Monday, August 23, 2010

The Big 4-0

Well, despite my best efforts...I turned 40. Seriously, though, I had such a wonderful birthday. The morning started out with a surprise serenade. All 100 of my elementary students gathered in the courtyard and sang happy birthday to me. I was so suprised that I cried. They gave me flowers and birthday cards they had made for me.

All day long my colleagues and friends stopped by my office to wish me a happy birthday, drop off presents and cards, etc.

Then about 20 of my girlfriends took me to my favorite restaurant ...Ferringhi Gardens...for dinner and drinks. It is such a beautiful restaurant. We had a great time and they showered me with gift certificates to all my favorite places. I have made so many new friends from all over the world!

The restaurant is filled with plants and flowers
Inside the restaurant

Sonia (from Grenada) and Valerie (from Montana)

Tracey and Jodi (both from Canada)

Ailee (Malaysia) and Bronwyn (South Africa)

Annami (South Africa), Lisa (USA), Karen (USA)

Robin (Canada), Lydia (Australia), Debbie (England)

Akiko (Japan), Brandi (USA)

Lori H., Sharla and Lori D. (all USA)

The best story of the evening had to do with  my friend, Ailee. As she was getting ready to come to the dinner she got her round brush horribly tangled into her thick, long, black hair. She tried for 20 minutes to untangle it with no success. But she was determined not to miss my birthday celebration so what did she do? She left it in and came to the restaurant anyways! That is true friendship!! The next day it took a hairdresser two hours to untangle it.

Finally, on Sunday, my husband and kids took me out to dinner. My presents from him are an iPhone and a trip to BALI!!! It was a really magnificent weekend and I think 40 will be the best year ever.

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