Thursday, January 7, 2010

Techno Kids!

As most of you know, John splits his day between working with the high school eLearning classes and teaching computer skills to elementary students. The man has the patience of Job. Imagine 20 seven-year-old kids all yelling "Mr. Fischer" at the same time.

The moment he walks up to the SmartBoard at the front of the room to demonstrate some computer skill a hand shoots up and he hears the plaintive whine of "Mr. Fischer, my computer won't work." Well, that's because you were banging on a bunch of keys instead of listening.

As he goes to fix that problem, another student who is wearing his headphones for no particular reason, decides to stand up and walk across the room dragging the laptop off the desk with him...still attached to the headphones that he shouldn't be wearing anyways!

John helps that kid pick up the laptop and get back on track and another kid is pulling on his shirt-tail. As he goes to help this child, the child sneezes...ah, ah, ah-CHOO...all over the keyboard and mouse. Disgusting.

But between the sneezing and germs and bathroom requests and computer mishaps, he still manages to teach them a thing or two. But I am pretty sure he wishes he was married to a high school principal instead of an elementary principal who REALLY needed him to teach these classes. :)

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