Monday, October 10, 2011

Coach comes to Penang

And by "coach" I mean Coach handbags of course!!!  Yes it is true, they have finally opened a Coach store in Penang. Of course, the import prices are so high that I can't afford one but that is not the point!

The even more fun part is that they had this big release party and fashion show and everyone who is anyone in Penang was there. Now I am no one important but I KNOW important people...or at least I know people who know important people.

My friend Ailee went to high school with a girl who is now a bigwig with Coach in Asia and she threw this whole shindig and invited Ailee plus one. Ailee's husband would rather jab his eyeballs out with hot pokers than go to a fashion show so I got to be her plus one!

It was so fun. There were models and glamorous people and reporters everywhere! They kept taking pics of me and Ailee mostly because I was literally the only white person there. :) Our picture ended up in a fashion magazine here in Malaysia!

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