Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Rain in Spain Falls Mostly in Penang

Well the rainy season in Penang is officially underway. It usually rains for a short spell each day anyways but now it is RAINING….a lot. Luckily, it is still really warm out so it isn’t rainy AND cold. Umbrellas are the new fashion accessory. And so are crocs or any kind of waterproof shoe. I bought three pairs of these in three different colors so I could be fashionable AND waterproof:

I hope all this rain doesn’t get depressing. When the “sweltering hot and dry” season starts (around November, I think) I will probably look back at the rainy season wistfully.


  1. Just remember you cannot say "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here...Oh and I heard the company that makes croc is discontinuing the shoe. Just to keep you in touch with my worse case scenario updates hahahah

  2. Glad those shoes came in handy! Cute, cute cute, but of course you make that shoe look good girl!