Saturday, August 22, 2009

Part Deux

Monkey gates: Our condo is on the fifth floor and we have this great balcony overlooking the ocean. In addition to the sliding glass doors to the balcony, there are also these metal gates. I thought they were sort of odd at first. Like what are they there for? In case someone tries to break in? We are on the 5th floor! Who is going to scale the side of the building to rob a home on the 5th floor? What I recently found out is that they are called "monkey gates" and they are there in case you want to leave your glass doors open for the breeze but want to make sure THE MONKEYS DON'T GET INSIDE YOUR HOME. WHAT??????

Curry Mee Soup: seriously delicious. I want to learn to cook this.

Ferringhi Gardens restaurant: John took me there for my birthday. It was like eating dinner in the garden of Eden.

Stray animals: they break my heart. There are skinny, starving dogs and cats everywhere. It is so sad. We took in two 6 week old kittens that did not have a home. It's a boy and a girl and we named them Max and Ruby after the cartoon show.

My dryer: the first purchase I made when we arrived. Everyone here hang-dries all their clothes and I do NOT get it.

The Malaysian Postal Service: I hate them. They have my Kindle in post office jail and they won't release it.

220 voltage: we've blown my curling iron, one computer, and the charger for John's cordless far.

The architecture: there are so many varieties here. There are buddhist temples, hindu temples, muslim mosques, colonial buildings, newer construction, shacks, and mansions.

Prices: they are ALL negotiable...even at a huge department store. The price on the tag is merely a jumping off point. I bought a beautiful lamp today for RM100 that was originally RM170.

I am sure I will think of more later! :)

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  1. Heather they have your Kindle, that is dispicable!!! Sorry about the voltage crashes! I love you and will continue to pray as you guys adjust to the little things that can add up! May you see each day as a challenge from the Lord to be more flexible and have greater compassion for those you are ministering to!