Friday, July 24, 2009

Us versus the Tin Can

So the stuff we shipped has still not arrived...sigh...

Thankfully, the school provided us with some basic necessities until it arrives. So we have been getting by pretty well. One of the items in their box of provisions is this unknown contraption:

Using my exceptional powers of deduction and scientific logic, I determined that it is a bottle/can opener from the Middle Ages. Being the good sport that I am, and having food inside a tin can that I wanted to eat, I decided to give it a whirl. Unfortunately, it did not come with instructions for use. Bummer. So I jabbed, and poked, and prodded at the can with my ancient can opener to no avail. Since intellect was not getting the job done, I decided to go with brute force and called John into the kitchen.

He got the can open but the poor can suffered terribly....

I really can't wait for our stuff to get here so I can have a can opener from the last century or so.


  1. Heee heee.....been there done that. Its all in the wrist...I have also opened cans using a sharp knife. Anyone else know this ancient technique? Perhaps your Aunt Julie...

  2. wow! that thing looks cool!!!! brandon and i would both drool over that thing. we love knife like things. that's so crazy looking!