Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Evening of Firsts

What a big night! Alex lost his first tooth...well, at least the first one that come out naturally. He knocked one out at two years old when he fell on the kitchen floor. But this one came out the old-fashioned way...

a little loose at first

about a week of him messing with it until it was barely hanging on

then him freaking out about it hanging there

and finally, me saying "let me just look at it for a second" and "pop" out it came!

How many thousands of parents over the years have uttered that same little white lie? :) So tonight it goes under his pillow and while he sleeps the tooth fairy will fly all the way to Malaysia to light up his morning!

And not to be outdone, Natalie decided that 5 minutes after Alex's tooth fell out was the perfect time to roll over all by herself for the first time! She is not going to let her big brother be the only one getting attention.

Why are these moments so bittersweet?

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