Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alex's First Stitches

Today Alex fell on the playground at school and cracked his chin on a stone bench. He split it wide open and there was no choice but to take him to the hospital for stitches. He was SO BRAVE! They got us in right away and he was stitched up by a surgeon in the hospital and not just a regular ER doc. Alex was determined not to cry and when the doctor stuck the needle in his chin Alex remained motionless... didn't flinch... didn't cry. I was amazed and relieved. The surgeon stitched him up nice and neat and there will only be a faint line for a scar when the stitches are removed. As you can tell by his big grins, this was a lot more traumatizing for me than it was for him! I am proud of my brave little boy.


  1. Wow! It sure has been the week for ER visits, huh?! First us on Saturday with Lydia, and then you guys. Well, I'm impressed with Mr. Alex. I sure wouldn't have been that brave. They would've had to hold me down! :-p I hope your mommy heart has recovered. It IS SO hard to see our babies injured. Big hugs, and lots of love, Ang.

  2. Oh our poor Alex! We are so proud of him! We hope he recovers quickly, but it seems he is well on his way already. Lots of love from NC.