Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where Did it All Come From?

So yesterday was a BIG STEP in the "moving to Malaysia" process. John and my brother Ben loaded 53 rubbermaid bins that had been taped AND shrink-wrapped onto a Uhaul truck and drove them to the shipping warehouse. From there they will be driven by truck to Chicago, then by train to Los Angeles, then by cargo ship to Malaysia. A little voice in the back of my mind thinks I will never see these boxes again. It just seems implausible to this pessimist that it could all go without a hitch and my personal items will show up at our tiny island paradise safe and sound.

But after seeing the total on the shipping bill,(Yes, we went over our shipping allowance. Are you really surprised?) I realize that I have TOO MUCH STUFF. Even after giving things away and a big moving sale and packing things to store here in the U.S., I still had 53 boxes? That is just ridiculous.

Next question....IF my items actually do arrive intact, where on earth am I going to store 53 rubbermaid bins?

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